Delivery/Pick Up Options

Starting March 2020 we are offering the following options of getting one of our fabulous pocket beagles to your arms. The first is pickup in Whitesboro, TX on or close to the designated date listed on the Our Babies page for that litter. Pick up is scheduled by appointment in advance.

The second is delivery by our driver.
Delivery by our driver is a separate fee. Driver delivery can be either to your location, a halfway point or to our local airport (DFW, Lovefield, or OKC) to meet you at the terminal. Email us today to get a price quote.

We are also offering hand delivery options via flight. Please note that this is the most expensive of the three options due to airfare for us, the airfare for the puppy, the cost of the carrier, our time, fuel to the airport and parking fees at the airport. Many customers do find this to be a more suitable option for them, though, when they are unable to travel to pick up their puppy. The puppy never leaves our site as it travels in the cabin with us on the flight. So, it is a win/win for the customer as well as the precious pocket beagle.  Unfortunately, we do not ship our puppies. (If you live in the Seattle/Tacoma area we do have a means of getting a puppy to you.)

As of March 2020 we will be emailing over the puppy's shot records and other forms. For puppies 8-11 weeks of age we will not be exchanging any materials with the buyer besides the puppy. Puppies 12 weeks of age and older will be giving the metal rabies tag at the time of delivery.