Pocket Beagles USA is a well-respected, state inspected kennel operated on a 40-acre pecan farm in Texas. We raise all of our own purebred pocket beagles. Our family of three handles and plays with each baby daily. We are not a “satellite” breeder. We personally know each puppy that we have for sale on our site and have both parents on the farm.


Here at Pocket Beagles USA you will receive sincere attention to the details of your pocket beagle purchase. We want every step to be ensuring and delightful for you. There is never a comparable excitement to that of receiving a new baby puppy.


Please feel free to browse through our site. We have a lot of wonderful questions and answers on our Frequently Asked Questions page. You can learn about our purchasing process on the How to Purchase. Check out the Our Babies page to view any available babies. Be sure to check out testimonies from our previous customers on our Testimonials page. Do not miss all of the cute photos on our Brag Page. 


Pocket Beagles USA takes great pride in being able to give you a 100% guarantee that we raise purebred pocket beagles! We are in no way affiliated with “Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles!” We do not support their practice of crossing Dachshunds with beagles to make a smaller designer breed.


Hope that you enjoy your time here on our site.


The Hedges Family


The picture to the left of the little boy wearing the hat holding the adult pocket beagle is our son, Jadin, with one of our Pocket Beagles when he was approx. four years-old. Jadin is now 16. We have been in business for a long time and with the blessing of or Lord we will be around for many more to come.


Please be sure to check out the following pages. After you have read the listed pages free to email us with your questions:

*How to Purchase Page

*FAQ Page

*Our Babies Page-this page does included prices

If you still have additional questions after reading the above pages please feel free to email us. :)


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Pocket Beagles USA is a Texas State Licensed Kennel. License #306. Located 90 miles North of Dallas, TX


 Texas Department of Regulation, P.O. Box 12157, Austin, TX 78711 www.tdlr.texas.gov