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Below is a letter from the previous owner of the OEPB Registry. She was going through old records and had found where Pocket Beagles USA had some of the establishing dogs in the Olde English Pocket Beagle Registry. She just also happened to be the daughter of Mr. Robert Mock. She followed up this letter with a phone call to talk about the dogs that her father purchased from Pocket Beagles USA and Darrell & Amy Hedges. She fondly remembered each adorable Pocket Beagle by name. Ms. Preciado and Darrell enjoy reminiscing about her father, all of his beloved pocket beagles, and the registry that he truly treasured


letter from oepb registry.jpg

Here is one of the first pocket beagles ever registered with Mr. Robert Mock and his Olde English Pocket Beagle Registry. Darrell and Amy truly enjoyed being friends with Mr. Mock and helping him in re-establishing the Olde English Pocket Beagle Breed.

Mr. Mock was truly one of a kind. He would type (on a manual typewriter) Darrell and Amy multiple page letters discussing his thoughts and asking their thoughts on the registry. Darrell and Amy were lucky enough to get to be in on the ground floor of the registry. They help Mr. Mock to decide several key issues such as no crossbred dogs in his registry or any non-typical beagle colors.

He would not allow black and white dogs or those of dapple or merle color patterns because those were not standard pocket beagle colors and could not be achieved without crossbreeding. Mr. Mock also shared with Darrell and Amy his strong belief that Pocket beagles should have short bodies and not be have a long spines. Mr. Mock wanted all of his breeding sires and dams to have broad heads to accompany their short, spined bodies. This is why he chose to purchase several of his beginning breeding sires and dams from Darrell & Amy and Pocket Beagles USA.

Darrell and Mr. Mock spent many hours on the phone. They would discuss pocket beagles as well as talk about Mr. Mock's baby-doll sheep. Robert also loved to talk about his baby-doll sheep registry.

Mr. Mock would be thrilled at how much his registry has grown. He wanted to keep his Pocket Beagle registry 100% purebred. Unlike much of the information posted on the internet today about Pocket Beagles, Mr. Mock established the Olde English Pocket Beagle registry based on the height of an Olde English Pocket Beagle not on the weight. If you notice there is not a location for weight anywhere on this registration paper. Yes, he wanted them to weigh less than a standard beagle but he understood that the height was the key factor in making a pocket beagle truly a pocket beagle, though.

Please do not be fooled by people crossbreeding dogs and calling them Pocket Beagles. You will be able to identify those dogs. They are skinny, have narrow heads, long bodies, often have short ears, and can look like another breed in color or in the shape of their face/body. We have spent too many years breeding and raising purebred Pocket beagles for you to be fooled by someone trying to imitate the Pocket Beagle breed.

OEPB Registration Paper.jpg
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