Our Facility

Welcome to Our Nursery Facility. We, here at Pocket Beagles USA take great pride in our facility that houses our mothers during pregnancy and delivery. The nursery facility is also where our babies stay until they are old enough to go to loving homes.

Our Birthing Room

Our birthing room is equipped with individual birthing areas

for each female, automatic

waters, self-feeders, and doggy doors. The entire nursery facility is acclimated

so that each mother has the

perfect temperature to give

birth to their new little

bundles of joy. Our facilities

are cleaned and maintained


Our Laundry Facility

Our laundry room is one of the most important parts of our Nursery Facility. Making sure that our babies have clean and sanitized beds is very import.

Our Office Area 

Our office area is used as part of the preparation area for getting our documents ready for the puppies' departures to their new homes.

Photo Studio

We use the little black desk in our office area to set up our photography studio to take all of our pictures of our sweet, little Pocket Beagles.

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Pocket Beagles USA is a Texas State Licensed Kennel. License #306. Located 90 miles North of Dallas, TX


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