Future Litters

Photos of available puppies will be posted on the Our Babies page not here.

This page is just to inform you of up coming litters and when their photos have been taken.

Please note that we never know when we are going to get to post pictures of a litter of puppies.

Here are the reasons why:

*Living on a farm our schedules can drastically change in a matter of minutes. Our focus sometimes has to change in a hurry.

*We use satellite internet, if the weather is not just right we do not have service.

*We also like to determine when we post a litter of puppies based on how well they are weaning from their mom not just set a particular date/age and go with it no matter how they are progressing.

We ask that you keep an eye on this page as well as our on the Our Babies page.

Here are the simple steps to buying from us:

1. Check the Our Babies Page to see if any puppies are available. 

  • If so and you see one you like then email us with information requested in #4 on the How to Purchase page.

  • We will then email you back to let you know if the puppy is available and what the next step will be.

2. No puppies available on the Our Babies page? Then here are the steps:

  • Watch the Future Litters Page

  • When we post "photos have been taken" we will post the photos of the next available litter within 48 hours (sometimes this is takes place within a few hours--sometimes it takes us a whole 48 hours). The photos will be posted on the Our Babies page.

  • The puppies being posted will be ready within a couple of weeks of their photos being taken. The puppies are around 6 weeks of age when their photos are posted.

  • Watch the Our Babies page for the photos of the litter. 

  • Email over when you see a puppy that you want. BE SURE to read the How To Purchase page. There is vital information that we need from you when committing to the purchase of one of our babies. 

  • We will respond to your email to let you know if you were the first to commit.

Simple--No Deposits--No Waiting Lists--Everyone has a fair chance at a puppy.

March 23, 2020 Although these times are crazy, homes and situations like these are always better when there is a four-legged friend to love. What an amazing way to break the silence of the quarantine than to have a new puppy to love on and potty train.

For any of you wondering about what we here at Pocket Beagles USA have done to keep our kennel safe. We have not changed our daily practices. We are germ-a-phoebes to begin with here at Pocket Beagles USA. The following are things that we have ALWAYS done:

  • No visitors in our nursery. People have ALWAYS carried germs and viruses on their hands, clothes and shoes. These have always been highly dangerous to puppies!

  • We disinfect all nursery suites daily with Clorox wipes.

  • We wipe down all of our self-waters (fresh water at all times-no standing water) and feeders daily with Clorox wipes.

  • We mop and disinfect our floors daily.

  • All door knobs and other surfaces are disinfected daily. 

  • Food is kept in air-tight contianers.


April 6, 2020

PLEASE read our How to Purchase page. We have a lot of EXCELLENT information there to make the purchasing process smooth for both you and us. :) We have been doing this for over twenty years. We know what works best for our customers, puppies and us. (It is not a perfect system but is there truly such thing as a perfect system?)


April 9, 2020

We are receiving daily emails from the airlines. Flights are almost non-existent. If the airlines does have a flight the jet is too small for live cargo. Prices are still through the roof for live cargo as well. (People can fly roundtrip, rent a car and it still be less than a one-way flight for a puppy.) We have many customers doing just that!

Unfortunately, our next litters will be pickup only. Please see our Covid Buying Process Page information about this process.


April 30, 2020


Until the airlines restores more flights that will accommodate live cargo, reinstates their employees at the cargo facilities and lowers their prices we will not be able to fly with them. Our courier service is still in stay-at-home/shelter in place mode as well. So, we are not doing any deliveries. Thus far, everyone that has flown in to pick up their new babies have had great experiences. We have had people fly in from California (2 different families), Minnesota, Florida, South Carolina as well as a few other states. All emailed back rave reviews of how well their flight, rental car drive and pickup process went. 




May 29, 2020

Our next litter of babies are doing wonderful! They are up bumbling around. They have discovered that their siblings have ears and are often caught playing with them. LOL. There are chocolate and white and traditional tri-colored babies in this litter. They will be ready around the third week of June. As always, I will not give an exact date. I do not go strictly by when they turn 8 weeks old. I go by 8 weeks of age and when they truly, physically ready for their new homes.


We are still, unfortunately, under our Covid 19 purchasing procedures. Flights that accommodate live animals are not available. Attendants that book the flights and tender the animals are not available. The price is still through the roof to ship as well. It will probably be fall before we can ship again. Once the airlines start to have more flights this summer then they will go into heat embargo and will not ship to a lot of places. We will keep you posted, though. 

Have a blessed day and stay safe!







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