How to Purchase

Be A Smart Consumer
Please Be Knowledgeable and Only Purchase from a Licensed Kennel DO NOT PURCHASE FROM SITES SUCH AS CRAIG’S LIST or from a Breeder that Does Not have their own website! Be Cautious if asked to pay with Western Union, Gift Cards, via Wire, Venmo and etc. Does the photo of the puppy you are looking to purchase have a watermark? If not, be cautious. These things are all red flags for SCAMs! Read our Don't Be Scammed page.
Are You Truly Committed?

The expense of a puppy does not stop at the time of purchase. You will need to still keep the puppy up-to-date on shots, deworming and other preventative care. This will include vet visits for initial checkup as well as follow up visits for the life of the pet. We do require that all puppies purchased from Pocket Beagles USA be spayed/neutered. (Pocket Beagles USA does not cover the cost of this procedure.) Please take all of these things into consideration prior to purchasing a puppy. If you are not willing to keep the dog’s health in check with a vet and/or have the pet spayed/neutered we are not the kennel for you.

How To Purchase a Puppy


1. Check out the Our Babies page. Be sure to watch the date at the top of the screen to see when the last time was that we updated the page. We do not require you to email us at this point to let us know that you are interested in one of our babies. Emailing us does not speed up our posting process. :)


2. Watch our site. Watch both the Future Litters link and the Our Babies Page, to see when new babies have been posted. Please do not ask for pictures early or a specific date/time that the litter will be posted. We have crazy schedules here on the farm and sometimes get called away to different happenings on the farm. Therefore, we do not know an exact date that we will publish puppy photos. Sorry, but we not email out pictures instead of publishing them to our page. Although people often offer, we cannot accept money to be the first on a list, to see pictures first, or to cancel a sale to someone else in order to sale a puppy to you. This is very unfair to everyone that has been waiting to purchase one of our puppies. We have been raising these babies for over twenty years--waiting lists are no fun. We opt out of doing a waiting list. No one likes to be the last on a list. Our puppies are sold on a First to commit basis After we post the photos of the litter. :)

Unfortunately, we do not do email lists. We would accidentally leave someone off and we would never want to do that. So, it is up to you to watch our site for available puppies.


3. When you see a baby that you want to add to your family then click on the link below that puppy which will link you to our email. EMAIL US. At the beginning of your email start with “I would like to purchase (the name of the puppy).” You should also list a back- up choice, if you have one. This will help you keep from missing out altogether.


You will be skipped and considered just an inquiry if you do not tell us that you are ready to purchase AND include the puppy’s name. Inquiring is just fine but please know that we go with the first to clearly commit in their email. We ask that all customers please ask their questions prior to committing, though. When you commit, we start our paperwork as well as the purchasing process. Asking questions prior to committing will save everyone time and heartache if you decide to go with a different puppy or not getting a puppy at all.


4. WE MUST HAVE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION for you: Your Legal Name (First & Last). Sorry but we cannot use nicknames or abbreviations.  Your Physical Address: Address, City, State, and Telephone Number. We are a state licensed kennel and we are required to have this information for our paperwork.


5. After we have emailed you with a confirmation that you are the one to purchase the puppy then we will send over an invoice via PayPal along with our Purchase Agreement via DocuSign. Both have to be completed in a timely fashion prior to the puppy being considered as sold to you.  We cannot accept deposits. The puppy must be paid for in full when committing. You do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase a puppy. We use PayPal as our credit card merchant services. Therefore, you will be allowed to securely checkout without having a PayPal account. We, as a business, pay a fee each month along with a percentage of our sales in order for our customers to be able to have this service.


6. We have a few methods to choose from in order to get your puppy:

*You may pick the puppy up from us in Whitesboro, TX

*You may fly into DFW or Love Field Airports. The puppy will be delivered to just outside of your terminal building. You then return right back in the airport to return home. This is a very popular way of getting your puppy. There is a delivery fee for this service.

*You can have the puppy delivery to you or meet at a halfway point. The puppy is offered top care as it travels to be hand delivered to you. Email for a quote. Prices vary based on distance, mileage, and if overnight stays are required.


Puppies do not leave our kennel and cannot legally leave our kennel until eight weeks of age. It is truly against the law for a licensed breeder to place a puppy prior to eight weeks of age.


7. We try to reserve Saturday and Sunday for Family and God. We work here on the farm (and Darrell at his job) from 6:30 AM until 9:30 PM. We put in long, hard days. Therefore, we have to make time for our family and most importantly for Sunday Worship. We ask that you please honor this.

We Are CLOSED on Saturday & Sunday