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Q: What is the difference between a Queen Elizabeth Beagle and a Pocket Beagle?

A: Years ago  the founder of the Queen Elizabeth Beagle foundation started crossing small beagles with other breeds to form her own breed. She named them Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle and started her own foundation. We DO NOT support the practice of crossing beagles with other breeds to create a designer dog and calling it a "pocket beagle." Our puppies are 100% purebred pocket beagle. We are not affiliated with Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles in any way--never have been and never will be.

DO NOT BE FOOLED when you are told that crossing a beagle with a dachshund helps with health conditions and makes a beagle not want to hunt. Educate yourself and do the research. Don't just believe what you are told. The Dachshund breed is known for back issues especially as they age. Why would you breed that into another breed and say that health conditions are improved. Also, Dachshunds love to hunt just as much as the next breed. So, both of these reasons just are not true.


Ask us about our Pocket Beagles living in apartments. One even lives in an apartment in Manhattan. We do not have to crossbreed to get trainable, well-behaved dogs.


Q: How do I know I will receive a puppy once I have paid for it?

A: Unfortunately, scammers are everywhere. We have several clients per year that come to us that have been scammed.  We could not be in business if we did not follow through with getting the puppy to its new family. Also, PayPal has security features in place that protect the consumer. Do not use any of the other online methods to pay. They do not have this protection. Please see our Don’t Be Scammed Page.


Q:Do you ship your puppies?

A: No, we currently are not shipping. We have a driver that can meet you or drive the puppy to you (additional fees apply). All puppies must be selected from our website, though.


Q: Can we change the name of the puppy from the name it is posted as on the site?

A: Yes, the names posted on the site are for reference only. We do not call them by this name at any point except for documentation purposes.


Q: What is the average size of your pocket beagles at Pocket Beagles USA?

A: Pocket Beagles are measured by height not weight. Our puppies grow to average around approximately 10" to 12" at the whither and 10-20 pounds, depending on diet and exercise. Weight is influenced by so many external factors that is varies greatly between dogs, their diet and their exercise routine.


Although we breed genetically small pocket beagles we cannot guarantee the adult size of our puppies. Please beware of a breeder that claims to be able to guarantee the adult size of a dog. Only God can guarantee the adult size of a dog.


Q: Do your puppies have any of their shots before leaving for their new homes?


A: Yes! We would never allow one of our babies to leave without them. We give a shot at four, six and eight weeks of age. We try to place all puppies at eight weeks of age. Therefore, they are not old enough to have a rabies shot. The puppy must be at least twelve weeks of age before a rabies vaccination can be administered. The buyer will also receive a record of all shots administered to the puppies in order to keep the puppies up-to-date on their shots.


Q: Have your puppies been on a de-worming schedule prior to leaving for their new homes?

A: Yes. Our puppies are de-wormed on a regular basis.


Q: Do you socialize your dogs?

A: Yes. We play with the puppies on a daily basis. Our puppies are very playful and loving from our socialization process. Please note though that we do not allow visitors to enter our kennel to play with the puppies, though. Our state inspector and our licensed vet both strongly encourage us to have a facility that is as germ-free as possible.


Q: Are Pocket Beagles good with children?

A: Absolutely! These little guys are awesome with children. We could not and would not raise these little guys if they were not. We have a child of our own that plays with the puppies and adults.


Q: What size are your parents that you use for breeding?

A: They range from 8"-12" at the withers.


Q: Are there a lot of health conditions with Olde English Pocket Beagles?

A: No, we have raised 13”, 15”, and pocket beagles. We have had fewer health problems with our pocket beagles than the others. A lot of people that post negative information on the web about pocket beagles must not own one. Beware of the people who post such reports. Research who these people are before trusting their reports. Read their reports to see if they are raising standards or pockets. Remember that anyone can post information to the web--that doesn’t make it true.


Q: How long have you been raising dogs?

A: We have been raising dogs since 1997. Showing our dogs is what encouraged us to start raising dogs. In 2002 one of the dogs that we owned won the title of UKC World Show Champion Female. Raising dogs has been a family tradition for four generations in our family.


Q: Does AKC recognize pocket beagles?

A: No, not yet they only recognize 13” & 15”. The population of the pocket beagle is not high enough for AKC to recognize the breed, as of yet. Since we sell our puppies as pet quality and we do not offer breeding rights.

Q: At what age can your puppies be delivered?

A: We will not deliver our puppies until they are eight weeks old.


Q: Are Pocket Beagles inside or outside dogs?

A: Either. We have sent our babies to live outside on ranches and inside in apartments.


Q: Do Pocket Beagles like other dogs?

A: Pocket Beagles are bred to run in "packs." Packs are groups of beagles. They love to be with other pocket beagles as well as other dogs.


Q: Do Pocket Beagles bark a lot?

A: We have several pocket beagles in our kennel and we do not hear them bark unless they see something to bark at. We would not refer to pocket beagles as “yappy” dogs.  We have pocket beagles in apartments throughout the USA, even in downtown Manhattan.


Q: Are Pocket Beagles hyper?

A: No, they like to play but they also like to just be held and loved.  Afternoon naps are some of their favorite activities!


Q: What colors are Pocket Beagles?

A: Traditional tri-colored, lemon, chocolate, chocolate and white, chocolate ticked, silver and white, blue ticked, and lilac. PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS OF ANYONE OFFERING DESIGNER COLORS. There are some breeders out there that cross their dogs with other breeds to get brindle or dapple colors. These colors are not beagle standards and should be avoided, if you are wanting a pure-bred puppy.


Q: What is the history of the Pocket Beagle?

A: See our History link.


Q: Do you offer a health guarantee?

A: Yes, we offer a 48-hour health guarantee on our puppies. All puppies are checked by their local vet before going to their new homes. After you receive your puppy, you have 48-hours to take the puppy to a vet of your choice in order to validate the health agreement. This check-up insures you that you received your puppy in good health. At that time, we recommend having your vet to perform a complete check-up of your baby. If he/she finds any life altering congenital defect contact us immediately! We warranty against life altering congenital defects determined by a licensed vet found at the time of the initial check-up.  If your vet determines that this is the case then Pocket Beagles USA will replace the dog with a puppy of equal purchase value of the dog that was deemed to have the congenital defect. Pocket Beagles USA does not refund money. We do not reimburse for medical expenses or medication. Pocket Beagles USA will not validate a health agreement based on a Banfield or PetSmart check-up.


Q: Are your puppies raised inside or outside?

A: Our puppies are raised in an acclimated kennel. They have doors that the puppies can open in order to go outside. Many of our pocket beagles learn to open the door at an early age. Some of our puppies also learn that if they stand in the door they can feel the heat/cool air from inside but still see what is going on in the big outdoor world. Our electric company loves this trick!: - )


Q: I found a puppy that I like on your site how do I go about purchasing?

A: We require payment in full within 6 hours of committing to a specific puppy in order to hold the puppy until it is eight weeks old.  After selecting the puppy we will be sending over an invoice. The invoice will be securely sent through PayPal. You do not have to be registered with PayPal in order to pay the invoice. You will be able to securely pay as a guest.


Q: Are your puppies potty trained?

A: We would never sell a puppy as potty trained but our babies have an awesome start. They use a doggy door to go outside to go potty. We get a lot of compliments back on how fast our babies learn the potty training process.


Q: Do you offer breeding rights to your dogs?

A: We currently do not offer any breeding rights to our puppies. We require a Spay/Neuter contract when purchasing a dog. Breeding dogs requires a lot of education, time, and experience.

Q: Do you allow Kennel Visitations?

A: Due to the safety of our puppies that are not old enough for their shots and with recommendation from both our vet as well as our state inspector we do not allow visitations. People carry germs and diseases on their hands, clothing, and shoes. Traffic into our nursery subjects our babies (that are not old enough for shots) to these diseases. Many of these diseases can live on a surface undetected for months. Therefore, we cannot take the chance of allowing people to enter our facility and handle our puppies. Some individuals may find that to be an unusual or odd practice but actually there are numerous different animal facilities that carry the same policy.  The safety of our puppies is Very Important to us. We will not put anything above their safety. 


Q: Do you crossbreed your dogs?

A: We are not affiliated with and do Not support anyone that crossbreeds a beagle with any other breed of dog to create a “designer dog.” Please be sure to read other breeders' pages to make sure they are not cross breeding. 

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