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Delivery & Pick Up Options

Happy Beagle

Pick Up

Customers are always welcome to pick up their new addition in Whitesboro, TX by appointment.

Airplane Wing

Hand Delivery Via Plane

Do you live too far from Texas to have your puppy driven to you or to pick your puppy up? We are now flying with your puppy to hand deliver it to you. Your puppy will fly in the cabin with us never leaving our side. Email today for a quote.

Electric Car on Highway

Delivery By Driver

Delivery can be made to DFW, Love Field or OKC terminals. Customers do not have to even leave the airport. Email today to get pricing for this service.


The driver will also drive to deliver the puppy to customers or meet customers at a halfway point. Email today to get a quote.

If you live in the Seattle/Tacoma area we do have another means of getting a puppy to you. Email us to inquire today.
As of March 2020 we will be emailing over the puppy's shot records and other forms. For puppies 8-11 weeks of age we will not be exchanging any materials with the buyer besides the puppy. Puppies 12 weeks of age and older will be giving the metal rabies tag at the time of delivery.


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