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How We Give Back

Here at Pocket Beagles USA we know how blessed we are with what we have. Even our Pocket Beagles live in a nicer home than many children (central heat & air, tiled floors, home cleaned and sanitized daily, all they want to eat and drink, nice bed, love and treats). Our son, Jadin, has been raised in a Christian home and knows the importance of being a blessing and receiving a blessing. We have tried to instill in him the importance of a servant’s heart.

When Jadin was age 14 we traveled to Honduras. Jadin, being and athlete himself, realized the need for proper footwear for athletes and children in general. Jadin discovered that the children who do not have cleats/shoes to play soccer in play barefooted with those that do. :( So, Jadin formed his own organization that he named Kids Need Kicks. He has his own Facebook page that you can check out. He collects gently used cleats and tennis shoes for children in Honduras. He has shipped over 600 pairs in one year.

It cost Jadin $150 to ship one box full of shoes. He has earned money to ship the shoes himself as well as through donations. He even uses his money to purchase tennis shoes and cleats at thrift store and garage sales.
So, if you would like to contribute in any of the following ways he would love that: prayer, gently used or new shoes or by donating funds to help with shipping feel free to message him on his Facebook Page.


Darrell, Amy and Jadin helped to establish the Team Triston Foundation providing scholarships for local area teens and educating the general public on the importance of Organ Donation. Triston Paris (age 20) was Amy's nephew that was killed in a one-vehicle roll over accident. (No texting, no phone use, no alcohol use, no drugs, was not sleepy--just his time to become a superhero). Triston saved three lives with his organ donation. He saved two lives with his heart valve donation. He also gave vision to two others with his cornea donation. What a SUPERHERO!
We, Amy, Jadin and Darrell, have that little Red Heart, Do You? 


Amy has also helped to raise funds for a very special little girl in the community that has Leukemia. Childhood Cancer is a subject close to our hearts having lost our “adopted” daughter to a childhood cancer as a young adult as well as losing Amy's brother when he was 8 years-old with a brain tumor.
Darrell, Amy and Jadin also donate to the Westview Boys Home in Oklahoma. Westview boys’ home holds a very special place in the Hedges’ Hearts. They also helped the boys by also donating a Steer for the boys to use in their FFA show program. The boys learn so much from this program.
organ donor ribbon.jpg
jadin with bags of cleats and school sup
shoes of calabash.jpg
little boy sneaking.jpg
These are actual shoes that the children were wearing when Jadin arrived to give them their gently used pair of "new" shoes.
These are children that received shoes. Their old shoes are in the front. Their new shoes are on their feet. Notice the little boy on the left of the building. His father could not afford tuition for him. He heard that there were shoes being given away at school. So, he snuck up to the side of the school to see if he could get a pair of shoes. 
Yes, he did receive a pair of shoes. 
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