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Pocket Beagle History

Olde English Pocket Beagles originated in England. They were used to hunt small animals, such as rabbits. English hunters  appreciated the smaller Olde English Pocket Beagles because they could travel under brush and briers. The hunters at that time only traveled by horse back and found it easier to travel with the small beagles due to the fact that the small breed would fit into the hunters' saddle bags. Hence the name Olde English Pocket Beagle was born! After a period of time and a decrease in game, hunters started hunting a broader range of territory. The small beagles could neither travel as far nor as fast as the larger beagles. Therefore, Pocket Beagles were no longer popular with the hunters.


This change in the method of hunting almost resulted in the extinction of the OEPB. There are a very few actual breeders of Olde English Pocket Beagles in the USA today. Please, research other facilities claiming to raise Pocket Beagles. Backyard breeders are popping up more and more along with those that are crossing Beagles with other breeds in order to develop a "teacup" or "miniature" beagle. Pocket Beagles USA has spent many, many years researching the breed and learning new ways to maintain the health and quality of the breed. We actually sold adult breeding dogs to Robert Mock, the founder of the Olde English Pocket Beagle Registry, in order for him to establish his breeding program. We are very proud to be a part of the foundation of the re-establishment of the Olde English Pocket Beagle Breed.


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