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Pocket Beagles Workers Not Just Cuties

Pocket Beagles USA has placed a lot of babies over the two plus decades of raising Pocket Beagles. Often we are asked if Pocket Beagles are trainable. The answer is a simple, "Yes!"

Our pocket beagles have gone on to do some very important jobs. We have placed babies that have become anything from therapy dogs to search and rescue dogs. They are doing an amazing job by the stories that Pocket Beagles USA receives back from some of the pups' owners.

Pocket Beagles USA has two babies that were sold to a lady in California. She has since trained both of her pups to be search and rescue dogs. She sent Pocket Beagles USA videos of them doing their jobs. One of their missions was during one of the mud slides in California. These two Pocket Beagles USA babies were called in to help search for the victims of the mud slide. They worked their little hearts out and helped to rescue some and give closer to the families of others. What little heroes are they!!!!

We have had numerous pups over the years to be trained to be therapy dogs. One was going to set in on therapy sessions with her new mom to help ease children. Others have been used in the nursing home environment to visit with the residents to give them a much needed bright spot in their day.

Several of our dogs have gone on to be reading companions at schools. One traveled around with her owner to different schools to help encourage children to read and to form a love for reading. Since one the owners of Pocket Beagles USA, Amy, taught school for 16 years she was elated at the thought of one of her babies going on to assist kiddos with their education!

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