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What Is A Pocket Beagle?

When telling people about our babies here at Pocket Beagles USA the question “What is a Pocket Beagle?” is a common question asked by many. Pocket beagles are genetically small beagles. True pocket beagles are well-bred and selectively bred down from small beagles over many generations in order to produce a sound pocket beagle. A pocket beagle is a beagle that is produced from a dam and sire both 12” or smaller at the wither.

Some breeders out there claim to raise pocket beagles. They offer their dogs at a seemingly appealing discounted price compared to true pocket beagle breeders. How can they do that one may ask? Well, they breed runts to runts without concern for genetics or confirmation. They neither have the time nor money invested in their breeding program compared to a true pocket beagle breeder. Some of these people that claim to raise pocket beagles even go to the extent of crossing beagles with dachshunds and other breeds to create what they are calling a pocket beagle.

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